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Beginning Of The Document Content.. In Previous High School

Beginning of the document content. In previous high school English classes, I followed the same structured outline for every essay I wrote. A three-point thesis and one sentence of support following your evidence were the main ideas taught in the goal for me to pass my AP Language and Literature exams.These timed essays only allowed me to briefly address the argument I presented in the paper, which is no comparison to the level of writing expected of me now. Although the ideas on what I would write about came easy to me, I always struggled with making the ideas flow together in a cohesive way while still advancing my claim. Becoming more fluid in my ideas has not only helped cut time invested in the writing process, it has also lead to a†¦show more content†¦This marks the need for elaborated war stories to end, so veterans are deservingly accepted back into society. This thesis is stronger as it answers the so what question and provides an argument for the rest of my paper. The importance of thesis statements has been shown throughout all of my assignments in 1102. In my revised essay 2 I said: â€Å"The growing social class distinctions seen in Snowpiercer show how today’s problems have escalated resulting in riots and how ignoring key issues, like the growing reliance on technology, can lead to the downfall of the human race†. This thesis is much stronger than many others since the beginning of the semester and shows growth in my writing. It has a much stronger, clearly stated argument and the claim is concise. It also has all four parts a thesis must; claim, focus, subject, and significance. Without these four parts, a thesis is not supportive enough to be the foundation of an essay. ADD EXAMPLE Another aspect of my writing that improved throughout this semester is my growth in writing more effective topic sentences. Topic sentences are crucial in writing an effective and engaging paper. They help to support the thesis and explain what the paragraph will be about while still advancing an argument. Analysis and support for the main idea can beShow MoreRelatedApproaching Instruction With Clear Instructional Goals,1294 Words   |  6 Pagespopularized by Stephen Covey, beginning with the end in mind, not only makes intuitive sense but is well supported by research. In his 35 years of meta-analysis on research in education, Robert Marzano (2003) identifies a guaranteed and viable curriculum as one of 11 factors with a proven track record of increasing student achievement. Marzano (2003) defines a guaranteed and viable curriculum as one in which Clear guidance is given to teachers regarding the content to be addressed in specific coursesRead MoreRunning Head : Dynamic Writing1611 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: DYNAMIC WRITING IN THE CONTENT AREAS 1 Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas Joshua Dresser University of Phoenix Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas This paper will explore dynamic writing in the content area of music through the use of writing-to-learn strategies and fulfill the requirements of the third option of the Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas assignment in RDG543. A brief survey of journaling strategies found online will be reviewed, variousRead MoreInformative Speech : Psychoactive Drugs Essay1603 Words   |  7 Pagesphrase â€Å"ADHD or just boredom† was included, however, the usage of the word boredom felt rather redundant. An additional revision was the visual aspect of the final brochure. My brochure included three columns that were double sided containing my content and pictorial visuals. Unfortunately, the formatting was off so when fully closed and put together, some of the words overlapped or crossed over into the wrong column. Continuing with the visual revisions, I believed my brochure looked a little tooRead MoreEssay on District Budget Design1631 Words   |  7 Pagesbudget has become increas ingly difficult. As a school board member for the Peoria School district it is important and crucial to effective budget decision making to be educated on the school districts budget design and delegated responsibilities within the system. These decisions need to be made based on the protection of public funds and property. â€Å"The legal responsibility for such protection rests solely with the board of education in each school district† (Brimley, Verstengen, Garfield, 2012,Read MoreMy Writing And Writing Style Essay1300 Words   |  6 PagesLike transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly, my writing style transformed from something mediocre to something quite exceptional. In high school, even when I took advanced placement English and Literature courses, I was never good at writing. My writing would lack structure, reasoning, syntax, and a well-defined thesis statement. My inadequate grades on writing assignments lowered my self-esteem, so I assumed I would never enjoy writing papers because I believed I could never improve. HoweverRead MoreEvaluation Plan For Disease Control And Prevention1436 Words   |  6 Pages Evaluation Plan Name Institution Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Stakeholders 4 Description 5 Logic Model 6 Evaluation Design 7 Gathering Evidence and Justifications 8 Use of Findings 8 References 9 Camhi, S. M., Evans, E. W., Hayman, L. L., Lichtenstein, A. H., Must, A. (2015). Healthy eating index and metabolically healthy obesity in US adolescents and adults.  Preventive medicine,  77, 23-27. 9 CDC. (2013). Community Profile: Nashville/Davidson County, TennesseeRead MoreStudy Of Common Core State Standards1344 Words   |  6 PagesChief State School Officers (CCSSO), the current Common Core State Standards was introduced in Dec. 2008. The standards themselves â€Å"are a clear set of shared goals and expectations for the knowledge and skills students need in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level so they can be prepared to succeed in college, career, and life† (â€Å"Read the Standards†, 2014). Many states saw a need for reform and liked the fact that CCSS focused on a deeper mastery of content rather thanRead MoreThe Referral Process For Special Education Essay1156 Words   |  5 Pageswould set back a student academically. As an educator you have to determine how much of a gap are you going to accept and what target you plan to remediate too. Once a student has fallen behind it is hard to get them back on track with grade level content while simultaneously providing interventions. As a result the education system had to reevaluate their current practice of determining if a child has a specific learning disability. With the reauthorization of IDEA 2004, new requirements allowedRead MoreThe Importance Of The Georgia Standards Of Excellence1015 Words   |  5 Pageseducational system and increasing our ability to compete at a national and international level. The middle school standards are aligned to best prepare students for high school curriculum by providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to succeed at a national and international level. As Georgia was one of the initial states to adopt the Common Core State Standards, The Columbia County School District developed the Columbia County Board of Education 7th Grade Mathematics Curriculum, which isRead MoreOnline Computer Programming : An Integral Part Of Our Society With The Internet1344 Words   |  6 Pagestechnical requirements and prerequisites for taking the course. You can also expect to find courses for individuals at all stages of learning - beginning, intermediate and advanced. There may be links to books or other sites that can provide further information. If you are taking a course with an eye towards certification or a diploma, you should make sure that the school that you are considering is accredited. An online computer programming course can be a great way to enter the field of computer programming

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