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Financial advocacy in grades 112 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Financial advocacy in grades 112 - Essay Example Also at the grade level, there are both private and public schools which should be taken as expanding the scope of basic knowledge given to the young children. According to Peterson (2007, a society that seeks for financial responsibility must involve the young people in the decision making that concerns their future. The future decisions are dependent on the way a young person will be able to comprehend the value of the decision being made for his/her welfare. The age, at which the grades covers are receptive to new ideas, therefore the learning would not go to waste i.e. pre-school, nursery school or head start, as well as junior high school (middle school) fits well in the same category. Kindergarten covers age 5-6, grade one covers age 6-7, grade two covers age 7-8, grade three covers age 8-9, grade four covers age 9-10, grade five covers age 10-11 and grade six covers age 11-12.Junior high school and high school are in many places merged in to one consisting of a high school with grades 8-12. The senior public which consists of grades 7 and 8, with ages 12-13, grade eight (freshman year) ages 13-14, grade nine (sopho

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Insulation and ventilation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Insulation and ventilation - Research Paper Example Their resistances range from 2.13 to 3.31 and mostly require installation by professionals (Department of Energy, 2008). The other type of insulation is rigid insulation that is made from plastic foams or fibrous materials. They provide a greater resistance where space is limited. Professionals apply foam insulation produced in two forms open-cell and closed-cell with the help of special equipment. Blue Flame states that ventilators are those openings in the attic that allow moisture to escape. Ventilation ensures that attic heat does not penetrate into living rooms during the summer. Natural ventilation installation should be for every 300 square feet of an attic, one square foot of ventilation is required (Blue Flame). Some of the natural ventilation types include gable vents, ridge vents, soffit vents, and roof line vents. Power ventilation utilizes attic ventilators that may hinder efficient fireplace and furnace ventilation (Blue Flame). Properly ventilated and insulated attics offer several benefits. Proper insulation and ventilation prevent ice dams by keeping the roof cooler during winter. An efficient ventilation and insulation reduce cooling costs during warm seasons. Proper insulation extends shingle life span that also prevents rot in the roof’s framing by reducing moisture build up. Improper ventilation and insulation consequences include increased costs in cooling and heating the house during hot and cold weather. Improper installation consumes energy and produces unreliable outcomes inhibiting energy efficiency. Both open cell and closed cell foam insulation are suitable for insulating. These foam installations all come in different colors and often look alike. Easley states that in open cell foam insulation, bubbles are linked and connected by air pockets with Resistance values of around 3.5 per inch. The closed cell foam spray uses tiny bubbles filled with gasses less conductive than air, forming a

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Gump’s Musical Box of Chocolates Essay Example for Free

Gump’s Musical Box of Chocolates Essay Project Overview   Audience worldwide was hit by the wisdom of a mentally challenged character named Forrest Gump who lived in America throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Forrest Gump lived a full life despite his mental condition. He participated and became a very special part in the many histories that shaped the nation. As important events surround the main character, he also essentially evolves into a man with his sense of American values intact, unstirred and pure.   At the least, theme of the film revolves around the circumstances found in one’s environment that eventually shapes the citizen but moreso, the movie is about how a most unlikely American citizen was able to help shape his country just by being true to himself. But more than anything else, the movie adaptation of the 1985 novel by Winston Groom sets itself apart as a film inspired by its musical scores. Forest Gump, the movie, was born during the time when Hollywood films were relentlessly doing films in order to sell its soundtracks. At most times, a movie fan would find himself realizing that all the songs used in the movie are packaged in music CDs sold in stores. The more familiar these songs were, the better a young group of audience would enjoy and remember the film, but not the movie Forrest Gump. This paper aims to discuss the history surrounding the film and how it was used to weave the story into a creative fiction that borders the documentary film genre. The paper will choose one scene and proceed with an in depth music analysis of the scene in relation to the whole theme of the movie. And finally, the discourse will point out arguments that make and unmake categorizing this film under fiction or under the documentary genre. History of work surrounding the film   Highlights in America’s history were used in throughout the film so much so that the viewer will realize this pattern a few minutes after the opening of the movie. The screenwriters was able to do this by focusing on the life of Forrest Gump from being a child with braces to becoming a millionaire who just had to send his son to school for the rest of his life. Amongst the highlights of the film worth discourse is Forrest Gump’s joining the Vietnam war without even understanding the whole issues of the war. For some critics looking just above the movie’s thesis, they would be enraged at the idea that the film espouses dumb American college graduates that join in the war are the ones who actually live and become a hero. However, the beauty of the war scenes is the ability of the movie to present the reality of the actual era using music and songs juxtaposed in those scenes. Scene Analysis   The effectiveness of film music lie in its capacity to set a scene to transform itself from the usual to the memorable. Many of the scenes in the movie elaborate on three levels of symbolisms. It’s narrative deals with the life of one man, it’s visuals elaborate on the life of a nation while the music used presented that cultural insights found by the generation as synthesized into a hallmark hit song. The scenes that relate to the interactions of Forrest and Jenny, the girl in Forrest life from childhood to adulthood are the bookmarks of the film. Each meeting is juxtaposed with a popular music very much relevant to the year being shown. The popular music are sung by musicians that topped the charts during their era due to the creativity of their songs to project the general sentiments of the prevailing American Culture. For example, in the scene when Jenny who was at the hippie stage of the flower power culture met Forrest who was at that time was just given a congressional medal by the government for being a hero during the Vietnam war where he was able to save his whole platoon except for his best friend Bubba, met at the national capital. Though they were dressed differently, the two friends had the time of their lives to exchange what happened to them while one was away. This slow movement of two friends circling the D.C. monument was surrounded with the music of The Byrds entitled â€Å"Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season†. The Byrds was considered a major band in the 1960s that helped bridge the gap between Bob Dylan’s socially conscious folk music and the Beatles’ hybrid pop creations. The Byrds was in the crossroads, much like where Forrest and Jenny were in the scene at the Washington DC monument. The band helped facilitate other rock subgenres such as the folk, space, raga, psychedelic, jangle and country rock. â€Å"Turn! Turn! Turn!† was one of the many markers of the band. The song theme revolved around change that was happening to America in the 60s. So much decision and events were happening causing many things to change including worldview, lifestyles and cultures. In the Washington DC scene, the audience is given a breather to hope for the possibility of Forrest and Jenny to finally be together since Forrest was now a medaled soldier. The music even helped suggest this because the lyrics involved the fact of life where there is a time for everything. â€Å"To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season turn, turn, turn And a time for every purpose under heaven, a time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap, a time to kill, a time to heal A time to laugh, a time to weep† The lyrics above prove that the music chosen for this scene carried the deeper subtext of the scene. To illustrate, the Vietnam war was a monumental venue where America had the chance to ‘turn’ and change its worldviews. If it was Jenny being asked to ‘turn’ during the scenes in Washington DC, the scene ended up with Jenny boarding a bus away from Forrest Gump who have just professed his love and wanting to take care of her. Unfortunately, much like war hungry politicians, Jenny still decided not to turn and continue living the American disparate life. With this kind of music use in film format, the success of the scoring lie in its ability to stand strongly at par with the particular scene being performed. â€Å"The deeper reality of film music, the necessity which found body in its lucky accident, involves the way the film tries to evoke a sort of temporary and illusive film-subjectivity, which closely mimics our everyday subjectivity. To do this, the film must rely on tactics far beyond simply spinning a good yarn. The film experience must imitate in some way all three overlapping dimensions of subjective reality: the symbolic, the real and the imaginary. The method by which this is done involves very heavily the use of film music.† (Spande, 2006) For example, the song â€Å"Fortunate Sons† that was used in the Vietnam war scenes was actually a hit during the 60s because it exposed the discrimination of the times. On the scene, Forrest and Bubba becomes good friends despite their differences in race but the subtext of the song used reminded the audience that during that time the discrimination against sending governments officials’ sons to the war was an issue that was never discussed lengthly in the movies.   But using â€Å"Fortunate Sons† is just one of the film’s tactics using music to get the movie theme’s a little deeper into analysis. Argument of the Film’s Genre   The film is definitely a documentary film if the scholar would take the character of Forrest Gump out of every historical scene set up. Since one cannot do that, the film becomes categorized under the ‘mockumentary’ film genre that is also known as fictional documentary or also called as false documentary. When filmmakers would want to project satire and parodies in historical events or real life documentaries, they would opt to use mockumentaries. Gump’s being an artfilm type of mockumentary is done by its creative and effective choice of music that would highlight each scene. Forrest Gump is one of those films where the audience would get to realize that each song played has a purposive element attached to the movie and not merely placed just to make the soundtrack sell.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Forrest Gump has elements that would tend to mock at historical events established and regarded highly by society. One example to visualize the genre in the film is the scene where Forrest Gump narrates how it just simply rained in Vietnam. Describing the rain borders on the ultimate mockery made on film against the Vietnam war where thousands of American soldiers died just to experience rain coming from all sides of a walking, sleeping or running soldier. Another example would be the juxtaposing Forrest on filmed documentaries where the President of the United States shakes hands with Forrest, not knowing the Vietnam war veteran hero and the Ping-Pong American Champion who conquered China had below average IQ. And the most ingenius mockery at real documentaries is when Forrest Gump is insinuated as part ‘creator’ of Elvis Presley famous rock and roll dance steps and John Lennon’s hit song ‘Imagine’.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Though the movie follows the mock documentary genre, it trail blazes the particular film genre by its crafty juxtaposition of the very effective music. The musical scores of the scenes help the mock documentary be elevated into a higher kind of mock documentary film. What may be trivial onscreen is transformed into an author’s stand on the issue by means of the theme that the particular song is playing. The scene, for scholarly viewers therefore becomes an essay. This effective soundtrack helps the film elevate itself towards being an art film. The fact that producers said that the film did not earn as much proves that Forrest Gump can sit with art films under the mockumentary category. Summary   Forrest Gump is a classic piece of modern art film where it successfully used music, history and a timeless piece of character to present the wisdom in surviving American life during the decades of the 50s throughout the early 80s. The movie did not solely focused on Gump’s being mentally challenged. The movie started with that situation but ended up triumphantly with Gump achieving so much more than a lot other people would be able to do so. And he did that by just remaining as true to himself. Just like all the music used throughout the film, these cuts all came from hit albums of the composers who have achieved leadership not only in the song charts during their time. These songs and their composers have essentially becomes historical bookmarks, elements of change, transformation agents of history in both their fields and in American society. References: Forrest Gump. DVD. 1994 Spande, Robert. 2006. Three Regimes: A Theory of Film Music []

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SARS Essay -- SARS Health Essays

SARS It has been a tough week for my family and I. It is no longer safe for us to go outside. Last month, I noticed that the Taipei General Hospital located two blocks from my house has been taped off. At first, I didn't understand why all the sick children and elders were not seeking medical treatment there. As days went by, brother and I started taking a different route to school and I no longer saw any activity of patients and doctors going in and out of the hospital. At school, our teacher discussed the new lessons for the next few weeks to us, and told us to work on our lesson book each day. She told us that we were excused from school and that we would not be attending classes until it was safe to do so. The daily news on television is now filled with stories about the quarantine of major hospitals in Taipei city and other hospitals in northern Taiwan. The outbreak of an airborne disease called SARS has infected and killed several Taiwan citizens. SARS is short for severe acute respiratory syndrome. Big Aunt (Da Yi) says SARS originally came from China. Th...

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To Kill a Mockingbird Letter Essay

June 20, 1935 Mr B. B Underwood chief editor Maycomb tribune newspaper Po Box Maycomb USA Nst290 Dear Mr B. B Underwood, I strongly believe that Tom Robinson was not guilty of the crime and the sentence was untrue and unjust. I am appalled to hear that he was guilty of raping Mayella Ewell when there was no substantial or even any evidence against Tom Robinson. I was at the trial of Tom Robinson and noticed many substantial faults in Mayella Ewell’s story as she proposed in the court. I watched as Atticus examined her testimony and asked why she didn’t put up a better fight and why her screams didn’t bring the many other children in the Ewell’s house running. Additionally, all the physical evidence is against the Ewell’s claims because Mayella’s bruises are on the right side of her face and Tom Robinson can’t use his left arm due to an accident where his hand was torn apart by a cotton gin when he was a boy. Mayella and Bob Ewell are both very obnoxious during the trail and in my opinion don’t seem very trustworthy. Mr Ewell did not called a doctor after learning of Mayella’s injuries. If Tom Robinson had committed the crime, Mr Ewell’s first instinct would to get his daughter checked out. i hope you agree this would be the normal approach of a father concerned about his daughter. Tom’s side of the story is much more just. As I listened to Tom he explained that he always did chores for the Ewell’s and one day Mayella asked him to lift a box down from a dresser. When Tom climbed on a chair, she grabbed his legs, scaring him so much that he jumped down. She then hugged him around the waist and asked him to kiss her. As she struggled, her father, Bob Ewell, appeared at the window, calling Mayella a whore and threatening to kill her. As a result Tom then fled the house. Mr Ewell is likely to have misinterpreted the actual situation. I think Bob Ewell is more likely to have bashed or even molested his daughter than Mr Robinson . Tom is a respectable member of the Maycomb community with a steady job and is a hardworking man meanwhile Bob Ewell is often drunk, mostly unemployed and a member of Maycomb’s poorest family. The prosecution has produced no medical evidence of the crime and has presented only the shaky testimony of two unreliable witnesses, the physical evidence suggests that Bob Ewell, not Tom Robinson, beat Mayella. I believe Mayella is lonely and unhappy. She committed the unmentionable act of lusting after a black man and then concealed her shame by accusing him of rape after being caught. I conclude again that Tom Robinson is not guilty. Mr Robinson was only named guilty because of the colour of his skin and racism on this town of Maycomb. Thank you for your time in considering my opinion. I look forward to you publishing my point of view in the tribune I would appreciate it being published anonymously of the divide of the community. Sincerely, Henry Jenkins 19 Mille road Maycomb USA. June 20, 1935 Mr B. B Underwood chief editor Maycomb tribune newspaper Po Box Maycomb USA Nst290 Dear Mr B. B under wood I attended the court case yesterday and I decidedly believe the sentencing of Tom Robinson was ethical and just. I decisively disapprove the statements and remarks that Atticus made during the trail and feel terrible for the Ewell family in result of their daughter being raped. Why would a good white girl like Mayella be in the slightest attracted to an older black man? We all know that black and white don’t mix. Our history and society is supported by this principle. Blacks are there to serve whites after all. They find themselves in Macomb and the rest of America generally because they are to improve the lives of the white population. I am dismayed at the fabricated story that Tom Robinson proposed to the court. The possibility of no one being home because Mayella gave his younger siblings money to go and buy ice-creams and then tries to flirt and kiss Mr Robinson is just absurd. These events could not happen. To follow up Mr Robinson’s story, Atticus then explains how Bob Ewell beat his own daughter. I believe that this story is just a extensive ridiculous cover up for the horrific rape of Mayella Ewell. I conclude that the sentencing of Tom Robinson was appropriate and just. He deserved every bit of his of the death penalty sentence. He should be frowned upon in the Macomb community. Thank you for reading my letter of opinion. I would greatly appreciate if this letter could be published in the Macomb tribune. Sincerely, Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose 4 Corbel road Maycomb USA

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Agenda Setting Theory Essay examples - 950 Words

GlFinal Exam Essay 2 1) Define and illustrate (i.e., give examples of) agenda-setting theory. How might a president try to use the media’s presumed agenda-setting powers near election time? In other words, might it behoove a president to take (or threaten to take) certain highly dramatic actions-especially concerning foreign affairs- just before an election that will impact strongly on the power of his/her political party? If so, what actions might a president be likely to take and under what circumstances? (For example, would the likelihood of taking such actions depend on how the economy is doing? Explain. Would it matter whether business scandals, the budget deficit, crime patterns or a previously initiated war were detracting from†¦show more content†¦As for the President Utilizesing the media’s dramatic emphasis on the economies downward spiral, a President or presidential candidate would likely focus his media use in a positive way. He can use the valence principle, as far as ensuring to discuss the topics being targeted by the media in his favor. As I mentioned earlier, if the media is negatively discussing an issue, the President can try to turn things around, so that he can get the people on his side. As we all know, there are multiple ways to view the media and see what events are happening in the world around us. Being that we as Americans are in a recession, a President or candidate would probably want to steer away from supporting corporations or businesses that are hording taxpayers money over oil spills, environmentally hazardous accidents, or natural resources being wasted away. What I’m trying to say is that, in a presidential speech, or campaign speech, taking the supportive side of something that is worsening our economic state would hurt the chances of a successful presidency. For example, if a President wanted to persuade us to support his new healthcare proposal, he would likely manipulate the medias impact on our views by displaying and airing various commercials and programs which bring light to certain hospitals, or health policies rise in providing wider more sufficient care to certain families withoutShow MoreRelatedThe Agenda Setting Theory On The Public Agenda1076 Words   |  5 Pageshistory of the agenda-setting theory goes back over 50 years to when it was introduced in a 1972 edition of Public Opinion Quarterly by Drs. Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw. It was first developed as a means of studying the 1968 American presidential election as it relates to the most important issues determined by the news media and the most important issues determined by the 100 residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina (McCombs Shaw, 1972). Still relevant today, the agenda setting theory explains theRead MoreMedia and The Agenda Setting Theory1337 Words   |   5 Pagespresumed innocent jeopardized by the media but also their assumed right to a private life is put into question. Agenda Setting Theory Agenda Setting Theory refers to the media’s ability to influence the significance of topics to the public. Agenda setting allows for the establishment of public awareness to issues made relevant by media. There are two assumptions underlying the agenda-setting theory (McCombs Shaw, 1972). Firstly, the media’s portrayal of an event does not necessarily reflect reality; ratherRead MoreAgenda Setting Theory - Introduction2974 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction Agenda Setting Theory is first developed by Professor Maxwell McCombs  and  Professor Donald Shaw  in their  Chapel Hill study  in 1968. The agenda setting theory is separate into three parts which is media agenda, public agenda and policy agenda. Agenda setting theory is defined as the power of news media whereby mass media set an agenda which will influences the public which is called as public agenda by highlighting the issue frequently in media. Therefore the main effect of media in agenda settingRead MoreAgenda Setting Theory And Social Media1317 Words   |  6 Pages2015 Agenda-Setting Theory and Social Media The agenda-setting theory states that the media influences what people choose to think about. The theory emerged from communication studies and focuses on mass media and setting the public agenda. In the seminal article, McCombs and Shaw (1972) found a high correlation between media agenda and the public agenda through content analysis of a local election. The theorists wanted to discover what types of people are most susceptible to the media agenda throughRead MoreAgenda Setting Theory And Social Media s Influence2238 Words   |  9 Pages Agenda Setting Theory Social Media’s Influence Alicia Murray Kennesaw State University Abstract The creators of the agenda setting theory, Dr. Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw, say that Watergate is the most faultless example of how the agenda setting theory can heavily influence the mass media. The Watergate issue caught fire after months on the front page of The Washington Post because McCombs and Shaw believe that the â€Å"mass media have the ability to transfer the salienceRead MoreAgenda Setting Theory Of The United States Government And Its 300 Million Inhabitants Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pagespolitics, interpersonal communication, and the mass media.   How does a specific item gain or lose momentum in this discussion?   Agenda Setting Theory attempts to describe the forces dictating the perceived importance (salience) of specific issues, occurrences, or values by individuals (McCombs Shaw, 1972, p. 177; Shaw, McCombs, Weaver, and Hamm, 1999, pp. 2-4). Agenda Setting Theory describes how the mass media affect the public salience of issues, especially those of political importance, through theRead MoreCommunication Theory : The Agenda Setting Theory1326 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication Theory Case Study Vidya Naidoo 5073 Communication Design Theory - Assignment Two Introduction: In this case study I will be analysing the Agenda Setting Theory of Communication proposed by Maxwell McCombs and Donald L. Shaw in 1972 in relation to the Cosmopolitan Australia magazine cover, Katy Perry issue 2014. Analysis of communication theory: The agenda setting theory by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw states that the ideas of the public in the modern world are constructedRead MoreThe Agenda Setting Model Can Guide The Public Opinion And Mass Communication1464 Words   |  6 Pagesthe agenda setting. The agenda setting model can guide the public opinion and mass communication about some social or political issues. Different with media effects model, the media effects more like to telling people how to think, however, the agenda setting model is successful in telling people what to think about. In a general way, agenda setting theory was constructed in the environment of traditional mass media, and the purpose is to study traditional mass media. About the visual agenda settingRead MoreThe And New Zealand Media Essay1329 Words   |  6 Pagescertain stories; also known as ‘Agenda Setting’. New Zealand and America interpret news completely differently, what is important in America may have zero relevance to New Zealand media and vis versa. Agenda-setting is more obvious in the New York times, they report on specific events to endorse and highlight events or issues in an attempt persuade their audiences how to think and feel about the stories. Whereas New Zealand news outlets have a less hidden agenda, trying to remain unbiased in theirRead MoreHow Media Influences The Minds Of All Who Consume It1569 Words   |  7 Pageshave differing theories on how the media influences the minds of all who consume it, and it is impossible to tell which theory is correct. However most theorists agree that one theory may fit one audience member, but not the other. For example, one viewer watching a program such as 60 Minutes or A Current Affair may believe everything being said wholeheartedly and without interpretation, however another might be skeptical or decide to research the story for themselves. The three theories that are prominent

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Beginning Of The Document Content.. In Previous High School

Beginning of the document content. In previous high school English classes, I followed the same structured outline for every essay I wrote. A three-point thesis and one sentence of support following your evidence were the main ideas taught in the goal for me to pass my AP Language and Literature exams.These timed essays only allowed me to briefly address the argument I presented in the paper, which is no comparison to the level of writing expected of me now. Although the ideas on what I would write about came easy to me, I always struggled with making the ideas flow together in a cohesive way while still advancing my claim. Becoming more fluid in my ideas has not only helped cut time invested in the writing process, it has also lead to a†¦show more content†¦This marks the need for elaborated war stories to end, so veterans are deservingly accepted back into society. This thesis is stronger as it answers the so what question and provides an argument for the rest of my paper. The importance of thesis statements has been shown throughout all of my assignments in 1102. In my revised essay 2 I said: â€Å"The growing social class distinctions seen in Snowpiercer show how today’s problems have escalated resulting in riots and how ignoring key issues, like the growing reliance on technology, can lead to the downfall of the human race†. This thesis is much stronger than many others since the beginning of the semester and shows growth in my writing. It has a much stronger, clearly stated argument and the claim is concise. It also has all four parts a thesis must; claim, focus, subject, and significance. Without these four parts, a thesis is not supportive enough to be the foundation of an essay. ADD EXAMPLE Another aspect of my writing that improved throughout this semester is my growth in writing more effective topic sentences. Topic sentences are crucial in writing an effective and engaging paper. They help to support the thesis and explain what the paragraph will be about while still advancing an argument. Analysis and support for the main idea can beShow MoreRelatedApproaching Instruction With Clear Instructional Goals,1294 Words   |  6 Pagespopularized by Stephen Covey, beginning with the end in mind, not only makes intuitive sense but is well supported by research. In his 35 years of meta-analysis on research in education, Robert Marzano (2003) identifies a guaranteed and viable curriculum as one of 11 factors with a proven track record of increasing student achievement. Marzano (2003) defines a guaranteed and viable curriculum as one in which Clear guidance is given to teachers regarding the content to be addressed in specific coursesRead MoreRunning Head : Dynamic Writing1611 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: DYNAMIC WRITING IN THE CONTENT AREAS 1 Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas Joshua Dresser University of Phoenix Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas This paper will explore dynamic writing in the content area of music through the use of writing-to-learn strategies and fulfill the requirements of the third option of the Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas assignment in RDG543. A brief survey of journaling strategies found online will be reviewed, variousRead MoreInformative Speech : Psychoactive Drugs Essay1603 Words   |  7 Pagesphrase â€Å"ADHD or just boredom† was included, however, the usage of the word boredom felt rather redundant. An additional revision was the visual aspect of the final brochure. My brochure included three columns that were double sided containing my content and pictorial visuals. Unfortunately, the formatting was off so when fully closed and put together, some of the words overlapped or crossed over into the wrong column. Continuing with the visual revisions, I believed my brochure looked a little tooRead MoreEssay on District Budget Design1631 Words   |  7 Pagesbudget has become increas ingly difficult. As a school board member for the Peoria School district it is important and crucial to effective budget decision making to be educated on the school districts budget design and delegated responsibilities within the system. These decisions need to be made based on the protection of public funds and property. â€Å"The legal responsibility for such protection rests solely with the board of education in each school district† (Brimley, Verstengen, Garfield, 2012,Read MoreMy Writing And Writing Style Essay1300 Words   |  6 PagesLike transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly, my writing style transformed from something mediocre to something quite exceptional. In high school, even when I took advanced placement English and Literature courses, I was never good at writing. My writing would lack structure, reasoning, syntax, and a well-defined thesis statement. My inadequate grades on writing assignments lowered my self-esteem, so I assumed I would never enjoy writing papers because I believed I could never improve. HoweverRead MoreEvaluation Plan For Disease Control And Prevention1436 Words   |  6 Pages Evaluation Plan Name Institution Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Stakeholders 4 Description 5 Logic Model 6 Evaluation Design 7 Gathering Evidence and Justifications 8 Use of Findings 8 References 9 Camhi, S. M., Evans, E. W., Hayman, L. L., Lichtenstein, A. H., Must, A. (2015). Healthy eating index and metabolically healthy obesity in US adolescents and adults.  Preventive medicine,  77, 23-27. 9 CDC. (2013). Community Profile: Nashville/Davidson County, TennesseeRead MoreStudy Of Common Core State Standards1344 Words   |  6 PagesChief State School Officers (CCSSO), the current Common Core State Standards was introduced in Dec. 2008. The standards themselves â€Å"are a clear set of shared goals and expectations for the knowledge and skills students need in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level so they can be prepared to succeed in college, career, and life† (â€Å"Read the Standards†, 2014). Many states saw a need for reform and liked the fact that CCSS focused on a deeper mastery of content rather thanRead MoreThe Referral Process For Special Education Essay1156 Words   |  5 Pageswould set back a student academically. As an educator you have to determine how much of a gap are you going to accept and what target you plan to remediate too. Once a student has fallen behind it is hard to get them back on track with grade level content while simultaneously providing interventions. As a result the education system had to reevaluate their current practice of determining if a child has a specific learning disability. With the reauthorization of IDEA 2004, new requirements allowedRead MoreThe Importance Of The Georgia Standards Of Excellence1015 Words   |  5 Pageseducational system and increasing our ability to compete at a national and international level. The middle school standards are aligned to best prepare students for high school curriculum by providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to succeed at a national and international level. As Georgia was one of the initial states to adopt the Common Core State Standards, The Columbia County School District developed the Columbia County Board of Education 7th Grade Mathematics Curriculum, which isRead MoreOnline Computer Programming : An Integral Part Of Our Society With The Internet1344 Words   |  6 Pagestechnical requirements and prerequisites for taking the course. You can also expect to find courses for individuals at all stages of learning - beginning, intermediate and advanced. There may be links to books or other sites that can provide further information. If you are taking a course with an eye towards certification or a diploma, you should make sure that the school that you are considering is accredited. An online computer programming course can be a great way to enter the field of computer programming