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Short Story Emily Dickinson - 963 Words

Prelude â€Å"She believed in angels, and, because she believed, they existed.† ~ Clarice Lispector I felt like I was trapped in a dream. Not one of the terrifying nightmares I had been having, but a pleasant dream. One where angels danced across the starry sky, the fruit of a flowering shrub flashed like fire, Mother smiled, and Oliver kissed away my tears. But was it a dream, or was I dead? Had I hit my head while I changed the tire? I wasn’t sure. Nothing seemed certain. It was all a blur. Shadows. Murky shapes floating across my room. Vague impressions of Seraphs sitting beside me on the bed. Smears of color and smudges and brilliant light. In the distance, a clock tolling out the number of loved ones once alive and now long gone. The†¦show more content†¦I climbed out of the shower and made my way to his side of the closet. There I picked up one of his T-shirts. I slipped it on and curled up in a tangle of his clothes. He had only been twenty-seven. Ready to take on the world as soon as we finished school. Why had we waited? Regret for the things we never made time to do like laugh a lot harder, or traveled more cloaked me in sorrow and grieve. I sat there for a long time weeping, hot, wet tears spilling down my cheeks. But finally I somehow managed to hoist myself up and stumble over to the bed. I touched everything on my way: his wristwatch on the dresser, his pajamas still in a pile on the floor, the change from his pocket stacked neatly beside his wallet. I searched through his nightstand drawers for something. What I wasn’t sure. A love note he had forgotten to give me? A memory? A lock of his hair? Him lying next to a pair of his socks? Finally exhausted I crawled in under the sheets and grabbed his pillow. I could still smell him on the case, that same wonderful scent that had clung to his clothes. I wrapped my arms around the middle and hugged it to my chest. I fell into a fitful sleep at dawn. I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing not sure if I’d just started to cry or if I had cried all night. I dabbed at my red and swollen eyes. Another day another phone call. The days following Oliver’s death were filled with concerned calls from relatives and friends. They probably thought that all I did at homeShow MoreRelatedMark Twain Emily Dickinson1045 Words   |  5 Pagesinfluential writers of its own. Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain are just a few of the many examples of writers that have originated in America. Mark Twain wrote Extracts from Adams Diary a playful short story of how man met woman. Emily Dickinsons Success is Counted Sweetest is a poem on how when one succeeds it brings joy into the effort that was put forth. One may learn a great deal from reading works of literature. The poem â€Å"Success is Counted Sweetest† by Emily Dickinson is a poem that may bringRead MoreAcceptance in The Serect Poems of Emily Dickinson and The Velveteen Rabbit1193 Words   |  5 Pagesform between beliefs of identity, and uncovering the true meaning of belonging. Both nineteenth century poet Emily Dickinson and Modernist author Margery Williams explore this complex state of acceptance through their works, ‘The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson’ and ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’. Paradox in ‘What mystery pervades a well’, and mechanical metaphor in the microcosmic short story detail that differentiating truth and imagination is integral to cultivate an understanding of belonging. StichomythiaRead More`` Wild Nights `` By Emily Dickinson961 Words   |  4 Pages1891. It is a very short poem written by Emily Dickinson. Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, and throughout her life she lived in isolation. Dickinson spent quite a few years in the Academy studying English and other courses. Consequently, she left the Academy at age of 15 in order to get higher education. Emily Dickinson was known to be one of the greatest and most unique poets. Dickinson secretly created bundles of poetry and wrote a lot of letters. Most of Emily Dickinson’s secretRead MoreAn Analysis of I Heard a Fly Buzz- When I Died and Jilting of Granny Weatherall1714 Words   |  7 PagesPorter and â€Å"I Heard a Fly Buzz- When I Died† by Emily Dickinson depict characters who fail to find salvation after death because of their inability to see God in the physical form; the authors illustrate this using different literary elements including style, symbols and allusions. Author’s style is defined as the distinct literary manner that makes his or her expression of content unique from other authors; Katherine Anne Porter and Emily Dickinson have different styles that contribute to a betterRead Moreâ€Å"Because I could not stop for Death† and â€Å"Annabel Lee†: Similarities, Differences, and Their Authors1494 Words   |  6 PagesIn literature, themes shape and characterize an author’s writing making each work unique as different points of view are expressed within a writing’s words and sentences. This is the case, for example, of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem â€Å"Annabel Lee† and Emily Dickinson’s poem â€Å"Because I could not stop for Death.† Both poems focus on the same theme of death, but while Poe’s poem reflects that death is an atrocious event because of the suffering and struggle that it provokes, Dickinson’s poem reflects thatRead MoreEssay on Emily Dickinson: Untitle d, Unregulated, and Unchained942 Words   |  4 Pagescross-stitched and framed on your grandmother’s bathroom wall, and engraved into silver lockets. Regarded as one of the greatest American poets, you are no stranger to her work. You know her name. Say it. Emily Dickinson. And boy, was she a wierdo! †¦admittedly, most geniuses are. Emily Dickinson dedicated most of her privileged, reclusive life to her art. She employed a brilliance for lyricism, unconventional form, syntactical experimentation, and set the course for possibilities of poetic craftRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson Compare and Contrast Essay1596 Words   |  7 PagesEdgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson, Compare and Contrast Emily Elizabeth Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe are two of the biggest poets in American Literature from the 1800s. They had many things in common from their writings about death and sadness, because of their unfortunate losses in life, to the fact that they were both born in Massachusetts. They were also different in many ways. They were different in the way they looked at life and wrote about their experiences from it. While it is obviousRead MoreBelonging- Connections to Place1700 Words   |  7 Pagessociety, as these connections may inï ¬â€šuence whether the individual has a positive or negative perception of belonging. Emily Dickinson explores how this factor impacts on an individualÊ ¼s perception of belonging and not belonging through her use of poetic techniques in her poems #154- A Word Dropped Careless on a Page and #82- I Had Been Hungry All the Years. Similarly, the short ï ¬ lm The Story of Bubble Boy, directed by Sean Ascroft, uses ï ¬ lm techniques to also ponde r the inï ¬â€šuences of connections to placeRead MoreEssay on Literature Comparison Between a Short Story and a Poem2124 Words   |  9 PagesLiterature Comparison between a Short Story and a Poem Gian Carlo O. Dela Cruz Literature Comparison between a Short Story and a Poem Literature? This form of entertainment had been around for ages, whether be in a form of a Poetry, a Drama or a Short Story. This Type of literature had been used by Poets and Authors to convey their deepest desires, feelings, Ideas, amazing imaginations which makes us, whoever we want and an escape to daily normal life and with this making it humorousRead MoreBecause I Could Not Stop Death By Emily Dickinson989 Words   |  4 PagesThe poem â€Å"Because I Could Not Stop Death† by Emily Dickinson is one of my favorite poems since high school. I chose this poem due to the fact that that Emily Dickinson is one of my favorite poets, I personally love her dark, and mysterious poems. Indeed, people believed she was a little messed up in the head, but I believe she was just misunderstood. Additionally, this poem definitely brought back terrifying memories. When couple years ago, I got into a horrible car accident with a drunk driver,

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