Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SARS Essay -- SARS Health Essays

SARS It has been a tough week for my family and I. It is no longer safe for us to go outside. Last month, I noticed that the Taipei General Hospital located two blocks from my house has been taped off. At first, I didn't understand why all the sick children and elders were not seeking medical treatment there. As days went by, brother and I started taking a different route to school and I no longer saw any activity of patients and doctors going in and out of the hospital. At school, our teacher discussed the new lessons for the next few weeks to us, and told us to work on our lesson book each day. She told us that we were excused from school and that we would not be attending classes until it was safe to do so. The daily news on television is now filled with stories about the quarantine of major hospitals in Taipei city and other hospitals in northern Taiwan. The outbreak of an airborne disease called SARS has infected and killed several Taiwan citizens. SARS is short for severe acute respiratory syndrome. Big Aunt (Da Yi) says SARS originally came from China. Th...

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