Sunday, November 24, 2019

Australia and World War 2 essays

Australia and World War 2 essays Before World War Two, Australia had a strong relationship with Britain and a satisfactory relationship with America but during World War 2 both relationships changed considerably. Britain being a mother country to Australia, Australia had always looked toward Britain for knowledge and advice, so when Britain declared war upon Germany Australia was sure to follow. In Robert Menziess war speech, he proudly acknowledged that he believed that Britain was righteous and that they are supported by the unconquerable spirit of man himself and that the rights of independent people to live their own lives, honest dealing, peaceful settlement of differences and honouring of international obligations were all at stake. Australian troops were sent to Africa to train almost immediately, for 8 months Australian troops had not encountered any battles but Australia had done little to improve their situations for they believed in Britain and what she told them to do. Eventually Britain called upon Australia to defend and to drive back the opposing forces. Australias relationship with Britain was still strong. The first major change between Britain and Australias relationship took place in 1942. Japan with its intentions to expand and the majority of the worlds power occupied in the European war began its campaign, expanding south into the pacific Japan encountered the naval base of Singapore because the base of Singapore was under Britains control, Australia did not fear the Japanese and felt that it was sufficient enough not to recall its troops to defend Singapore, instead Singapore was supported by the remainder of the Australian troops. With the Australian supporting the British who were defending Singapore, Australians believed Singapore was invincible, so when Singapore fell to the Japanese; Australians awakened to a rude shock; Britain was not a strong as Australian believed to be. The realiza ...

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